Sunday, October 31, 2010

A good day with the fam!

It's not very often that the Martins, Albrights, and Wards get to see each other all at the same time, but when we do it is always memorable. Having all six cousins together is so much fun to watch especially since they're all growing up so fast. They are always so excited to see one another and watching their first hellos filled with screaming by the girls is my favorite part. Isaac is so blessed to have so many cousins close to his age especially since the four youngest are all boys! We spent the day in Pittsburg, Kansas where Chris's parents live and where Chris grew up. It was a low key day with lots of playing outside and good conversation. I can't wait until Christmas when we'll all be together again!

Caleb, Anna, and Ben

All the boys enjoyed playing baseball:)

The best picture I could get of the four boys. Nathan,
Ben, Spencer, and Isaac

Caleb showing Isaac how to bat. I'm sure there
will be many more days like these:)

Gene and Spencer

Papa and Nathan

Ben chasing down Isaac for a hug:)

Sweet Anna

Sweet Grace

Isaac showing off his iron cross :)

Isaac running around Pitts State's field

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