Tuesday, October 5, 2010

After four months I figured it was time for an update:) Even though most of you may know what is currently going on in our lives I figured if nothing else I would write it out to remember it all someday down the road. My last post declared the beginning of summer and this one declares the end. Sadly I will miss the warmer weather and the light evenings, but fall is definitely my favorite season and I'm ready for a change:) Our highlight of the summer was definitely celebrating Isaac's 1st birthday. People really aren't kidding when they tell you your children will grow up fast! I still can't believe how much he's grown and now that he is a full fledged walker I really feel that "baby Isaac" as we love to call him is now officially a toddler. His personality is showing more each passing week and he is really the friendliest little guy I know:) Caleb and I are having so much fun being his parents and hopefully I will be more diligent in my updates. Here are some pictures from the past month. Enjoy!

Playing outside in the yard. He loves sitting in the grass:)

Like is dad he Loves to use his mower. He especially
loves following Caleb around the yard with it.

Pushing his car around the drive way. Him and Caleb
go on several "drives" around our neighborhood in this thing:)

Our little walker

Isaac and Brooklynn. These two love to talk to each other:)

Jack and Isaac Pinter's Birthday Party. This
is Isaac's safari hat.

Going on the safari

We had so much fun this summer playing in
our big back yard. I think Isaac will love running
around it someday.

Sweet boy

Sooner boy

You can tell he's been playing hard:)

Woops:) Fell out the bottom

Love this one:)

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