Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summer's here!

It's amazing to me all that a baby can learn to do just in a week's time. I keep saying that every stage Isaac goes through is my new favorite and these past couple of weeks are no exception:) Our little man has now learned to pull himself up on everything and he gets so excited that he can do it that he many times lets out a very happy squeal:) Caleb was mowing the other day and I found Isaac standing in our front window watching him. It was so cute!! He was babbling to himself and banging on the window to try and get dad's attention. I love just watching him without him knowing. His personality is growing more and more each day and his happy little energetic self brings so much joy to our house and lives:) I love that he will just sit on my lap and cuddle one minute and then want to be chased around the house the next. It really is so much fun watching him grow. He's also learned to wave when he hear's "hi" and "bye" and now knows what "no touch" means as well. He also gives his mama a lot of kisses (it's the one thing he'll only do with me :) )

We also recently made a trip down to Woodward, OK to celebrate Caleb' grandparent's anniversary, birthday, and moving away. Even though it was a short trip there and back we still really enjoyed seeing our family and Isaac had fun playing with his cousins. We're very excited that grandmother and granddad Duggin are moving to Wichita so we will get to see them more often. We're also really looking forward to our upcoming summer vacation to North Carolina. Caleb's entire family has rented a beach house for a week over July 4th. Can't wait!!! It's going to be so much fun seeing those 6 kiddos run around together:) It's been too long!

Memorial Day was also an exciting weekend and included date night for Caleb and me. Woo Hoo!! Thanks Kyle and Shannon for watching Isaac:) We also put Isaac in his little baby pool for the first time! So fun!!! He loved it! I spent most of the weekend outside hanging out in the yard with the Caleb and little man. The evenings here have been beautiful and I feel so blessed to have my two boys to spend my evenings with:)

We wrapped up the weekend with a BBQ at the Garber's house. There were 10 kids there which may tell you how entertaining the night was:) We had a great time of fellowship with our friends. Caleb and I are so lucky to have such a close church family especially since our family's aren't in Edmond (even though we get a lot less time in talking then we use to before kids:) ) We're excited summer is here. Hope you're doing well! Enjoy the pics!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Awesome sky after our latest storm