Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's been a busy past month here at the Martin house with Caleb starting classes, family visiting, and trips to see friends! Isaac is continuing to learn new things everyday and this past month I've really begun to notice how fast he really is changing. He of course wants to touch and taste EVERYTHING especially remotes and cell phones. I can no longer hold him while talking on the phone without a few extra buttons being pushed :) He's curious about everything he see's and is no longer content with just sitting on my lap (unless he's really tired of course :) . He's starting to scoot around a little, but still hasn't quite grasped the concept of crawling. I'm ok with that though! He's doing great at eating solid food and still favors his veggies! I really can't believe how many changes they go through in the first year! That little "baby" side of him is starting to slowly slip away, but we continue to look forward to all the fun things to come!

Like I said it's been a busy month, but a good one none the less. Caleb is really enjoying class even though it requires A LOT of study time. My mom came down for a visit which was wonderful and we were lucky enough to have good weather and a day at the park! Caleb's parents also recently visited and we had such a great time. My sister Caroline also stopped for a night on her way to Dallas and had a great time with the little man:) We also made our first trip to Ft. Worth with Isaac with our good friends Adam and Jeanna to visit our other good friends Jeff and Carrie. All together we had 5 kids under the age of 4 all in one house, but it was a blast! We're headed back to Dallas tomorrow to see Richard and Katie Moore, friends from college and to see Kate of course :) Isaac and I have been keeping busy during the week and are enjoying our playgroup (mom social time) on Fridays. Hopefully the weather will continue to improve so we can be outside more during the day. We hope everyone is doing well! We'll keep you updated!

Isaac and Aunt Caroline

Isaac, Grammy, and Papa

Isaac and Avery Estes

Tummy Time

Jeff Pinter, Caleb, and Adam Roberts all carrying the babies on
our walk down in Ft. Worth

Isaac and Aunt Kate

Nana and Isaac

Isaac rolled himself into a burrito while I was getting ready one morning:)