Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fall Days

Today the weather was beautiful so Isaac and I took a morning trip to the zoo with some good friends. The little man is getting more and more interested in the animals, but the highlight of his trip was playing in the little creek at the Children's Zoo. He did not want to leave :) I love that little boys are just inherently attracted to any place they can get dirty. I'm pretty sure the little guy would have been drenched by the time we left if he had it his way:) Enjoy the pics!

Loving riding the Lion!

Isaac's friend Ethan. They were the only two boys of the group
and the only two playing in the creek water!

Lori, Millie, and Greta! So sweet:)

Me and my sweet boy

Millie and Ethan

Jeanna and Brooklynn

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